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Undergraduate - Courses

Course Number Course Title credit 
CLTR017 Practical Classical Chinese 3-3-0
CLTR041 Korean History 3-3-0
CLTR044 Understanding of Philosophy 3-3-0
CLTR205 Basic Writing 3-3-0
CLTR208 Intensive Writing 3-3-0
CLTR243 Mathematical Thinking 3-3-0
CLTR501 Practical Use of the Korean Language & Literature 3-3-0
CUCD301 Korean Language Culture Studies 3-3-0
HICC205 World of Storytelling 3-3-0
KORL201 Outline of Korean Linguistics 3-3-0
KORL253 Readings in Korean Classic Literature Text 3-3-0
KORL303 A study of Old Literature of Korean 3-3-0
KORL309 Practical Korean Expression 3-3-0
KORL338 Korean Grammar 3-3-0
KORL344 History of Korean Language 3-3-0
KORL352 Theory of Literary Composition 3-3-0
KORL355 History of Old Korean Literature 3-3-0
KORL360 Outline of Korean Classic Literature 3-3-0
KORL367 Study of Korean Classic Poetry 3-3-0
KORL397 Theory of Modern Novels 3-3-0
KORL412 Korean Phonology 3-3-0
KORL443 Korean Semantics 3-3-0
KORL446 Korean Dialectology (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
KORL448 Hunminjeongeum and Middle Korean 3-3-0
KORL449 Comparative Literature 3-3-0
KORL450 Korean Oral Literature 3-3-0
KORL451 History of Modern Korean Literature 3-3-0
KORL469 History of Korean Classic Poetry 3-3-0
KORL474 History of Korean Classic Novels (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
KORL485 Theory of Modern Poetry 3-3-0
KORL505 Information Processing of Korean Language and Literature (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
KORL522 Korean Morphology 3-3-0
KORL549 Theory of Korean Language Education 3-3-0
KORL555 Korean Literary Thoughts 3-3-0
KORL556 Theory of Modern Criticism 3-3-0
KORL580 Study of Korean Classic Novel 3-3-0
KORL581 Theory of Modern Korean Writers and Works 3-3-0
KORL596 Visual Literature (Capstone Design) 3-3-0
KORL598 Modern Korean Drama 3-3-0
TCHR465 Teaching Logic & Writing : Korean 3-3-0
TCHR520 Student Guidance and Counseling 2-2-0
TCHR522 Internship in School 2-0-4주
TCHR528 Introduction to the Pedagogy for the Handicapped and the Talented 2-2-0
TCHR529 Teaching Profession in Practice 2-2-0
TCHR552 Volunteer Activity in Education 2 2-0-60h
TCHR601 Curriculum 2-2-0
TCHR604 Teaching Methods and Educational Technology 2-2-0
TCHR606 Educational Sociology 2-2-0
TCHR607 Educational Psychology 2-2-0
TCHR609 Philosophy and History of Education 2-2-0
TCHR610 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 2-2-0
TCHR611 Pedagogy 2-2-0
TCHR612 Educational Administration and Management 2-2-0
TCHR622 Educational Theories in Teaching Korean 3-3-0
TCHR662 Teaching Materials & Methods : Korean 3-3-0