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Graduate - Courses

Course Number Course Title Credit
PHIL000 Dissertation and Research Ethics : Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL700 Study on Ancient Western Philosophy1 3-3-0
PHIL701 Study on Ancient Western Philosophy2 3-3-0
PHIL702 Study on Medieval Western Philosophy1 3-3-0
PHIL703 Study on Rationalism 3-3-0
PHIL704 Study on British Empiricism 3-3-0
PHIL705 Study on German Idealism 3-3-0
PHIL706 Study on Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL707 Study on Contemporary European Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL709 Study on Phenomenology 3-3-0
PHIL710 Study on Hermeneutics 3-3-0
PHIL712 Study on Practical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL713 Study on Dialectics 3-3-0
PHIL715 Study on Ch'eng-Tzu and Chu-Tzu Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL716 Study on Korean Silhak Thoughts 3-3-0
PHIL717 Study on the I Ching Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL718 Study on Buddhistic Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL719 Study on Korean Neo-Confucianism 3-3-0
PHIL720 Study on Korean Buddhistic Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL726 Study of Psychoanalysis 3-3-0
PHIL727 Logical Behavior Therapy 3-3-0
PHIL736 Study on Epistemology 3-3-0
PHIL737 Study on Ontology 3-3-0
PHIL738 Study on Ethics 3-3-0
PHIL739 Study on Logic 3-3-0
PHIL744 Study on Political-Social Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL754 Study on Confucian-Mencian Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL764 Confucianism and Clinical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL765 Study on Indian Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL766 Study on Indian Classics 3-3-0
PHIL800 Seminar in Ancient Western Philosophy1 3-3-0
PHIL801 Seminar in Ancient Western Philosophy2 3-3-0
PHIL802 Seminar in Medieval Western Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL803 Seminar in Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL804 Seminar in Contemporary European Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL805 Seminar in Ethics 3-3-0
PHIL806 Seminar in Political and Social Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL807 Seminar in Philosophy of Science 3-3-0
PHIL808 Seminar in Practical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL809 Seminar in Philosophical Anthropology 3-3-0
PHIL811 Seminar in Philosophy of Language 3-3-0
PHIL812 Seminar in Philosophy of Religion 3-3-0
PHIL813 Seminar in Philosophy of History 3-3-0
PHIL814 Seminar in Philosophy of Law 3-3-0
PHIL816 Seminar in Ancient Chinese Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL817 Seminar in Korean Buddhistic Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL818 Seminar in Korean Neo-Confucianism 3-3-0
PHIL826 Seminar in Korean Silhak Thoughts 3-3-0
PHIL827 Seminar in Methodology of Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL828 Existential Philosophy and Clinical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL829 Psychotherapy and Clinical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL830 Buddhism and Clinical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL841 Seminar in Ontology 3-3-0
PHIL843 Seminar in Epistemology 3-3-0
PHIL847 Seminar in Analytic Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL848 Seminar in Philosophy of Art 3-3-0
PHIL851 Seminar in Phenomenology 3-3-0
PHIL853 Seminar in Hermeneutics 3-3-0
PHIL857 Seminar in German Idealism 3-3-0
PHIL859 Seminar in Comparative Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL860 Study on Critical Theory 3-3-0
PHIL863 Seminar in French Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL864 Seminar in Philosophy of Mind 3-3-0
PHIL866 Study on Philosophy of Culture 3-3-0
PHIL873 Seminar in Confucian-Mencian Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL877 Seminar in Ch'eng-Tzu and Chu-Tzu Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL880 Zhouyi and Clinical Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL881 Seminar in Indian Philosophy 3-3-0
PHIL882 Seminar in Indian Classics 3-3-0